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Tyler Reid

My journey to the practice of law has been a winding one. I did not picture myself in this profession when I left college. In fact, my undergraduate degree was in Biology, with an emphasis on pre-medicine. Though I never did apply to medical school, I have applied my background in and love for science in my professional endeavors.

In 2008 I was laid off from a good job with a development company in the Willamette Valley. At that time I felt helpless to provide for my family. I decided to return to school and seek my legal degree. In 2009 I began my legal education at Willamette University College of Law. Three quick years later, I graduated magna cum laude. Through all the work and pressure, I never forgot that feeling of dread that came with the helplessness of losing my job.

I began practicing law after passing the bar in 2012. I chose the practice of criminal law for many reasons, but not least of these was the desire to help people in that place of helplessness and fear and to give them hope by providing solid counsel and fervent advocacy. Though my practice has expanded to include probate and estate planning, this approach remains.

If you are under investigation or are facing charges, I encourage you to contact a defense attorney before you speak to anyone else. I strongly believe in the promotion and protection of the Civil Rights guaranteed to all of us under the State and Federal Constitutions. Whether it is my office or another of the fine defense attorneys in Linn County, you need to speak with an attorney and get advice as early as possible in the process to get the best outcome in your case. Call for a free consultation, and I can bring my 14 years of Criminal Defense experience to problem solve with you early on in the process. Criminal Law is an exciting area for me to combine my passions for science and Civil Rights. My training in science allows me challenge and cross-examine prosecution experts, such as Drug Recognition Experts, toxicologists, DNA technicians, and people who interview children.

I often consult with scientific experts to help defend my clients, whether it's a DUII or complex felony case. Through this process I am able to do in depth research on conclusions asserted by experts to expose situations when they are not applying reliable science to the case, or not applying scientific process in a reliable manner to support their conclusions about the case. Also I take a holistic approach to helping my clients. Many of my clients have addictions that have led to criminal charges, whether they are property crimes, Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) or more serious felony crimes. I have extensive experience working with mental health and addiction treatment professions. Together we help clients develop a strategy to get not just the criminal matters addressed, but also the addiction or mental health issues treated that led to the criminal charges. Often this has been very rewarding for both the client and myself.


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